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Snap.hr is currently open to: developers, designers, data scientists and product managers.

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Your talent manager finds you the perfect match

Companies get assigned their own personal talent manager who can negotiate on your behalf and help you weigh up the pros and cons of each offer.

Putting developers in control

You're in control

On Snap.hr Developers don't apply to companies, companies apply to developers. There are no recruiters. And your personal contact details are never shown.

Not actively looking right now?

On Snap.hr, you can see what other opportunities are out there without leaving the safety of your current position and your Talent Manager will introduce you to your favourite companies.

Stay anonymous

Your current employer will never see your Snap profile. And if there are any other companies you want to stay hidden from then just let us know.

How it works

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First thing first, create your profile. Let companies know why you're the person for the job.

Wait for your job offers

Companies will apply to you with a salary and job spec up front.

Pick offers and reach out

Choose the offers that interest you and speak to companies directly. There's no recruiters getting in the way.

Accept your dream job

It's all sunshines and rainbows from this point on. Enjoy your new job!

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