Security Engineer - Blockchain

  • Security
  • Permanent
  • Remote, OR 97458, USA

ZetaChain is the foundational layer to a truly multichain future; the blockchain’s novel approach creates a truly fluid crypto-ecosystem that will enable more users, developers, and traders than ever to onboard, use, and take advantage of the benefits of crypto.

ZetaChain’s blockchain enables multichain functionality without using bridges or wrapped tokens and enables the easy deployment of omnichain-dApps, or odApps, that can manage and connect data and value across all smart contract platforms as well as non-smart contract platforms like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Job Description

This position will join the DevOps/DevSecOps team and primarily be responsible for security automation, monitoring, and response of the protocol. They will also assist with some security administration tasks as needed such as configuring IAM/SSO, audit logging, and monitoring for critical applications.

We are looking for someone who has hands-on security experience in the web3 space and is comfortable moving between Web2 and Web3 technologies.

BlockChain Security Engineer Responsibilities:

- Build & operate cross-chain monitoring solutions - Participate in code reviews & discussions - Implement audit logging and alerting across all critical apps - Integrate automated security scans and tools into the CI pipeline - Verify and triage incoming bug bounty submissions - Create playbooks for common attack scenarios - Provide support and expertise to other teams as needed - Ensure all processes meet our security, performance, and reliability requirements - Participate in on-call rotation (Once every 3-4 weeks)

BlockChain Security Engineer Requirements

Languages: Go, TypeScript/JavaScript, Terraform, Bash, Ansible Tech stack: Cosmos SDK, EVM, Docker, Tendermint, AWS

Experience: 1+ years of blockchain and/or Web3 security experience 2+ years of Development and/or DevOps experience Familiar with DevOps/DevSecOps methodologies & best practices

Remote, EU timezones preferred

Must Have Hands-on blockchain and/or web3 security experience

BlockChain Security Engineer3Built and operates monitoring & response techniques for mitigating governance attacks Maintains automated responses to risky connected chains (i.e. When do we pause a chain) Playbook for identifying risk involved with added a new chain (i.e. When is a chain is to risky to add) Implemented social media & DNS monitoring to identify Zeta scams early Created a fully automated security testing process of the protocol before each release