DevOps Engineer (Infrastructure)

  • Blockchain, DevOps
  • Permanent
  • Remote, OR 97458, USA

Job Description

The Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for operating our blockchain nodes and accelerating ZetaChain development with CI/CD pipelines and process automation. All the infrastructure will be cloud hosted. This engineer will deploy nodes, services, and APIs and ensure they follow modern best practices.

This role requires a strong understanding of Linux, containers, and cloud technologies.

Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer

  • Languages: Terraform, Bash, TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Tech stack: Linux, Docker & Kubernetes, Geth, Tendermint, AWS & other cloud providers, Go
  • Experience: 2+ years of Linux and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Location: Remote
  • Responsibilities
    • Maintain, monitor, and operate blockchain infrastructure including nodes for external chains
    • Assist external operators with running their own ZetaChain validator nodes
    • Support ZetaChain development through CI/CD pipelines and process automation
    • Assist with automated testing processes and procedures
    • Security, performance, reliability focused development
    • Code review & testing of the blockchain
    • Develop features, fixing bugs, and ensure blockchain operation
  • Bonus points:
    • Understanding of blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum); smart contracts (solidity, rust/wasm), cryptography (ECDSA, EdDSA, zero-knowledge proofs, threshold signature schemes); p2p networking
    • Experience operating blockchain nodes and/or working with Web3 Technologies
    • Experience with DevOps methodologies and best practices
    • Experience with Go (Cosmos SDK, go-ethereum, btcsuite, Tendermint Core)
    • Familiar with DevOps/DevSecOps methodologies & best practices