UI/UX Designer

  • UX Designer, UI/Visual Designer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

At Zelt, we're building the operating system for the modern company.

As the first end-to-end backoffice platform designed for the modern company, Zelt enables startups and SMEs to unlock the value of automation technology for their business. With Zelt, you can manage people and IT in a single place: run payroll, assign pension and benefits, give access to apps and systems, configure laptops remotely, and more. And for anything you cannot do in Zelt we have built connectors to your other apps, systems and devices, so you can be in control of your entire stack via one central hub and automate recurring processes with a few clicks.

The problem: siloed software slows down and confuses employees

The average tech company operates a highly fragmented stack of over 150 different systems and applications. As a result, running internal processes requires a lot of manual admin, and employees don't know where to find or make changes to important information and resources relevant to them. For example:

​HR departments spend up to 40% of their time on admin because of undigitized processes and siloed applications that don't speak to to each other. Employees don't know where to find or how to change important information such as personal details, pay, pension, benefits and share options.

IT departments waste time setting up and shipping around laptops manually, and setting up user accounts, groups and rights in each different application across the stack for each employee individually. Employees don't know which tools they should use when they start on the job and are often forgotten to be offboarded from critical systems when they leave, posing a security threat.

Our mission: integrate the entire stack and create a unified hub for people, apps and devices.

The availability of APIs and accessibility of automation technology like SSO and MDM has reached a point where every company could take advantage of them, not just large corporations who have the resources and knowledge to implement expensive enterprise software tailored to their needs. Our mission is to make business automation technology available to EVERY company at a reasonable price, and we want to achieve this by integrating the entire IT stack and creating a single hub for all people, apps and devices.

The Role:

We’re looking for a UI/UX Designer to lead the design of our product, making sure that interface and customer experience are working well together, ultimately improving the overall success of our platform.

​The remit of this role and potential for business impact is huge. This is a unique opportunity to not only work on a wide range of tools, but to lead the approach in defining how all of our platform is designed, ensuring our customers have the best possible experience.

​We care deeply about inclusive working practices and diverse teams. We’re keen to ensure we’re designing a company that works for everyone, so we particularly encourage applications from different underrepresented demographics.

What you’ll do everyday:

​****You’ll lead the design for our software. This includes driving the future vision of this area, making sure it compliments a cohesive overall Zelt experience, and delivering on incremental steps to help the team head in this direction.

You’ll be embedded in a cross-functional squad. You’ll be responsible for all design artefacts produced; from initial discovery and user journey mapping through to the execution of final UI design details.

You’ll deeply understand the customers you’re designing for. Whether it’s joining user research sessions, learning from previous insights, reading data reports or running your own research and analysis, you’ll strive to understand the what, why and how of the problems you’re solving for to ensure we don’t just ship the thing right, but we ship the right thing.

You’ll collaborate using strong communication, written documentation and facilitation skills. You’ll work closely with the CEO, the Head of Operations and our Engineers to make sure your team isn’t just shipping great designs, but they are deeply involved throughout the design process.

You’ll execute (and advocate for) polished, intuitive and accessible user experiences. You’re pragmatic and able to balance the ideal experience with knowing where and when to make scoping trade-offs based on technical constraints, experimentation strategy or business risk.

You’ll help raise the bar for design at Zelt. We’re a small but exceptional team where every person plays a critical role in improving our company — whether that’s through improving our craft and skills to leading processes to giving great feedback.