Junior Front End Developer

  • Frontend, Graduate
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

We are looking for a passionate front-end developer with a self-starting approach and a keen interest in data visualisation to join our small and super-dynamic team to help us build an awesome web-experience for the users of our data-centric platform. You will be working within our growing front-end team to develop amazing, beautiful data visualisations, set within a well-structured modern web application. We’re looking for someone with an ‘eye for design’ and experience building modern web apps but most importantly, someone who can think and work creatively with complex data.

The core skills we are looking for include:

- Good knowledge of modern JavaScript: best practices, language constructs, asynchronous programming

- JavaScript and CSS tooling - transpilers, polyfills, bundling and package management (e.g. Sass, TypeScript, npm, yarn, webpack, babel)

- React and associated frameworks, including state management tools (e.g. Redux / MobX)

- Experience using Git or other source control tools

- Familiarity with browser features for debugging applications

- Strong communication skills—written and verbal

We are flexible on your exact level of experience. We’re going to need you to know your way around React (pitfalls, gotchas etc) but we don’t expect you to be an expert in everything and will provide all the training and resources you need to build not only incredible tech but also a strong and rewarding career.