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Xapien is a deep technical start-up automating commercial due-diligence and individual online research.

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We are transforming the commercial research sector, using deep technology to produce context-rich profiles of individuals in minutes. Our system automatically produces an impartial profile on anyone, any time of the day or night, using ethically sourced information.

We are a young start-up with the energy and cutting-edge technology to disrupt the traditional, human-intensive, due diligence sector. We use computational linguistics, machine learning and huge scale automated collection techniques to find, sort and summarise millions of fragments of information to generate comprehensive reports.

But it’s not just about the tech… Why not join our team?

Our people are our greatest asset and one of the best things about working at Xapien. We’re a team of bright and talented people who work together to get things done. Problem solving is core to our culture. We support each other and have a lot of fun along the way. At Xapien, the opportunity for growth is as big as your ambition. Things move quickly and we always challenge ourselves to both learn more and think in different ways.


Unlimited holiday

We work on interesting problems that will keep you engaged but we aim to have work-life balance and we trust you to take the holiday you need


All employees own part of the company and hence share in the success they generate


As an early stage start up, employees really set the culture and influence the decisions the company makes

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