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Spark curiosity, encourage endeavour and create joy.

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Wildkind is primarily an events business with two market leading event properties; Camp Wildfire and Camp Kindling. Since being founded in 2015, we have been growing at 100% year on year. Over the next 10 years, we aim to take our unique events worldwide to inspire, challenge and entertain over 1 million customers.

An incredible community has grown around our events and is now the centre-point of everything we do. As well as investing in the growth of our events, we are looking to expand our retail and media business lines, to provide even more value to this group.

We are passionate about sustainability and inclusivity and these passions are reflected in our name. These themes will be a big focus of the next few years at Wildkind. We aim to reach Zero Emissions and Zero Landfill by 2025 and have similarly ambitious diversity targets.

We support diverse perspectives and discussion; everyone is encouraged to be themselves and input into the organisation and our work at all levels. What aligns us is our common values of curiosity, ambition, integrity & kindness, which we try to practise in everything we do.

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