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White Stores is at the forefront of the garden furniture industry and are passionate about providing quality outdoor living products throughout the UK. We create bespoke and rewarding career journeys.

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We have a few different sides to our business. Our retail business, white stores, is a major retailer in the outdoor furniture space. Our wholesale business is also one of the biggest outdoor furniture wholesalers in the UK.

Right now we are building our in house development team so that we can grow and improve all parts of the business. This involves creating internal tools and dashboards to assist staff users. Integrating and consuming third party APIs for automated order processing Designing and creating our own APIs that will allow others to integrate with our systems.

We are keen to be in a position where we are able to analyse and adopt new technologies as they become available and where appropriate for business needs. And, as we develop our in house tool set, we want to be able to develop and offer these as white labelled products for other businesses to take advantage of.

As we are a new development team, your input will be valued greatly and you will be able to have an impact on our direction and the technology we use.

Positions 3

Wickford, UK

Back End Developer

£ 30,000 - 35,000
Hiring manager
Liz Hood

Wickford, UK

Front End Developer

£ 28,000 - 32,000
Hiring manager
Liz Hood

Wickford, UK

PHP/ Magento Developer

£ 30,000 - 34,000
Backend Frontend
Hiring manager
Liz Hood


Career development

Self development is a huge part of being a developer, whilst many developers will take this on themselves, but we can work with you to provide the tools and resources to assist you with your future development. We’ll work with you to determine your training path based on your personal interest and business needs.

Team Challenges

With tools such as dailycodingproblem.com we’ll actively encourage you to solve new problems. These are problems that can be solved with a single or a small amount of code and can be solved in minutes, but sometimes require out of the box thinking. We all share and discuss our solutions.

Pair programming

One huge benefit of working as a team is the ability to learn from each other. Our pair programming scheme allows developers to work together and learn from each other. This allows the team to organically share skills and knowledge.

Hiring Team