Rust Developer

  • Blockchain
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

Web3 Labs are the creators of the popular Open-Source Web3j library, downloaded over 1 million times, and used by Java and Android developers for connecting to the Ethereum blockchain.

We are also building a next generation blockchain using Rust and Substrate on

Polkadot. We work with both small and large companies, helping them to succeed with their blockchain deployments. The companies we’ve worked with have been able to simplify their business processes by harnessing the new trust and transparency models that blockchain technology provides.

Our clients include Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Vodafone, ConsenSys, and R3.

Web3 Labs are recognized for the first class services we provide and we were proud to be a runner-up in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Awards, 2020.

We are expanding our Rust development team to work on a number of projects in the fields of cryptography, zero-knowledge proof, scalability, and interoperability as well as building a new substrate-based blockchain on Polkadot.

We’re looking for software developers with proven Rust experience, a good understanding of system languages with interest and passion for blockchain.


● 3+ years professional development in Rust

● Strong understanding of Rust ecosystem, or other system languages such as  Golang or C++

● Background in distributed systems

● Experience working with complex codebases

Nice to have:

● Experience with Ethereum, Polkadot, or similar blockchains

● Experience writing smart contracts in Solidity, Ink!, Cairo, or similar languages

● Experience implementing Substrate pallets

● Knowledge of Cryptographic fundamentals, including zero-knowledge proof systems

● An interest in decentralized blockchain scaling technology and Web3

● Open-source contributions

We want to provide the optimal environment for our staff to work at their very best and understand that we also need to support their own personal needs. That’s why we provide flexibility on working days or hours to fit in with family commitments. We know that life has been pretty challenging for everyone lately and now our company works completely remotely.

When life returns ‘normal’ we will meet up in person from time to time and continue

to have our amazing team events when possible.

We want our staff to grow their own profile through the company too. We are supportive of OSS work and love it when our staff present at conferences and meetups like Devcon and ConsesSys’ Quorum Webinars. Of course, we sponsor our staff to attend and share their expertise at these events.

As we said above, since COVID-19 we've become a fully remote team. We’re happy to work with people based anywhere in a timezone that overlaps significantly with the UK (Europe, Africa).