Full Stack Engineer

  • Full Stack
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

👋 Overview Hi, we’re Mo (CTO), Joachim (CFO) and Dan (CTO). We are building the investor relations platform for startups that we wish already existed, building on the latest AI technology to provide the ultimate fundraising co-pilot and levelling the playing field for underrepresented founders. We have pre-seed funding and seek a UK-based full-time senior full-stack developer with 3+ years of experience to help develop the product.

🥅 Mission Data, technology, and new regulation will revolutionise the relationship between startups and investors over the next decade. We aim to lead this change by building the first AI-powered end-to-end investor relations app. As a first step, we focus on the fundraising process, helping founders gain control and visibility over their raise, identify relevant investors and maximise the chances of success.

🥷 Role

  • Fontend and Backend implementation of user feedback and building new features after first launch
  • Communicate with CTO on a daily basis
  • Help build and manage a development team
  • Contribute to establishing a positive, supportive and productive work culture

🥋 About you

  • Strong motivation for working in a small startup
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in writing Node.js/Javascript websites and/or applications
  • Prior experience using and developing React applications is preferred
  • Solid understanding of “vanilla” JavaScript (ES5/ES6)
  • Experience with CSS frameworks such as Tailwind, Bulma or Foundation
  • Exposure and experience in setting up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment environment
  • Ability to communicate in a clear and structured manner in English
  • Being comfortable working in a team environment
  • UK residency

Experience with startups, B2B SaaS and AI language models is a plus.

👥 About us Mo and Joachim met at university and we've been friends for a decade. We bring strong academic and professional backgrounds (Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, Goldman Sachs, FTI Consulting) and sector expertise. In his previous investor job, Mo was pulling his hair out over the lack of adequate investor relations tools. We discussed the ideal solution, validated market need through extensive market research and decided to crack this pressing issue together. Dan joined recently having worked as CTO and backend engineer at different startups. He's passionate about software and problem-solving and skilled in SQL, Node.js, AWS, Node.js, and JavaScript.

“Compared to other jobs, it is awesome to work with founders who are thoroughly focussed on product and communicate openly and clearly with engineers” - Feedback from a senior full-stack developer previously managed by Mo and Joachim

“Dan was great at making tech decisions that both benefited the company whilst also keeping the devs working with the tech they wanted to expand on and explore” - Feedback form senior developer previously managed by Dan

📦 Compensation & work conditions We have raised a pre-seed round and offer a salary in the range £60k-£85k and tax-efficient EMI-option package up to 1%, with standard benefits and vacations. We are remote-first, but believe a certain level of face-to-face interaction is beneficial. As full-stack developer in a small team you will be instrumental to the success of the business and we expect a high level of commitment. We are happy to consider your preferences and circumstances when it comes to flexible work arrangements, though UK residency is required.

🧭 Values We are a diverse team building an open and collaborative culture. Honesty, fairness and transparency are key values.

🏁 Process

  • Non-technical interviews with Mo and Joachim
  • Code review & technical interview with Dan
  • References
  • We look forward!