Data Engineer

  • Go Engineer, Java Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Data engineer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

The successful applicant will:

Lead development of a suite of backend processes and applications, transitioning them to scalable HA platforms and developing new capabilities as required by the business.

Be a fast learner... We are constantly evolving our products utilising the best tools for the task. We’re looking for people who like to learn new skills and can pick things up fast. 

Be a team player. Great software is written by teams. We need to build fast, redundant, and reliable systems that require good communication and teamwork to build and maintain.

Have strong architecture chops. You'll know how to build highly scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant services that support our unique rate-of-growth requirements. You stay up-to-date with the latest architectural trends. You feel ownership over everything you ship; you'd never call code "released" until you’re confident it’s correct.

You pride yourself on efficient monitoring, strong documentation, and proper test coverage. In addition to having an intimate knowledge of the whole stack, you understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how they impact the performance of your application.

Technical Skills Required:

Development experience in a variety of languages; eg Python, GoLang, Java / Scala etc

Experience with RDMS such as Postgres; Key Value stores such as Redis Strong Linux skills.

Able to work independently with a globally distributed and remote team.

Desirable Knowledge:

Scala / Python development experience. 

Cloud provider services from AWS/Azure/GCP

Configuration management systems such as Puppet or Ansible.

Experience with the Cloudera service stack, in particular, Impala, Sqoop and Oozie.