Product Engineer (Full Stack) - London

  • JS Frontend Engineer, JS Backend Engineer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

Product Engineer (Full Stack)

We're looking for problem solvers to join our Product Engineering team.

Good software products are hard to make. They require compassion for impatient users with work to do. They require careful tradeoffs between many features that would all be great to have. They require taking ambiguous, complex problems and turning them into simple, coherent features that make users feel smart and capable. 

Synthace's users are scientists in laboratories using robots to do experiments that humans are physically not capable of doing. Our users are working on next generation drugs and treatments to help cure illnesses that today's medicines can't cure. Cancer. Alzheimer's. Human DNA manipulation.

With our software - Antha - our users do biological experiments at a scale that literally has never existed. If we help them succeed, we get to help make the world better in very concrete terms. If that sounds like a problem space that you want to work in, read on!

To explain it further, Antha is effectively a visual IDE for scientists to design biological experiments, run simulations, and control automated robotic lab equipment such as liquid handling machines.

We're building a full-stack product development team - each member is somewhere on the scale between pure Front End specialist to all round Full Stack engineer.

On the full stack side, you'll be a great fit if you want to be in control of the server-side logic, define your own APIs, and work with backend engineers and UI designers in a very collaborative way to ensure the product is the best it can be.

On the front end side, you'll add value by building the features that enhance the user experience. Usability and consistency are our current obsessions. We're making complex science as simple as possible for everyone at every level of technical expertise, including the most reluctant user.

The team

Our team is made up of a mixture of tech industry veterans and mid-level engineers who have shown great promise along with a capability to deliver great work, with experience at companies like Deliveroo, Bloomberg, Facebook, and Monzo as well as some other interesting start-ups. (You don't need to work for a big tech company to join us - you just need to have an appreciation for writing well structured code).

We believe deeply that diversity of thought creates better products. Our product team is much more diverse than most teams and we're super keen to continue building on that by supporting and encouraging different perspectives and approaches.


We're hiring at every level of experience. Our product team is led by senior engineers with full stack backgrounds. We know what it takes to help a junior engineer transition to mid level to senior and beyond. We believe that smart, motivated people with little experience can offer huge value to our team both in the short term and as they level up. If you're hard working, clever, and ready to be challenged by a team that wants to see you succeed, get in touch - we could be the right team for you!

We hire for potential as much as experience. We are hiring the best and/or the most promising engineers, and culture matters significantly. We are bringing together a group of friendly, open, supportive, focused, and highly competent engineers to create a product that our users will demand more of.

Tech stack

Our tech stack is TypeScript, React, TypeORM, Postgres, GraphQL, and NodeJS (with a smattering of legacy Golang), but you don't need to know these now - we believe that smart people can learn a new stack easily. If you don't already work with these technologies but you're keen to, that works for us. We're looking for people with experience building good products first and people who know our specific tech second.

So, if you enjoy writing high quality code, you believe that understanding the user and delivering the right product is the most important thing to focus on, and if you want to join a team of people united behind a mission of building products that make biology work better for the entire world, get in touch! :)

Why work at Synthace:

  • Work with genuinely extraordinary people
  • Open, collaborative, and friendly culture
  • Challenging, groundbreaking and exciting work
  • Chance to be a part of the 'fourth industrial revolution', helping us to create tools and systems that allow scientists to do things like cure Cancer faster!