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Swoop is a one-stop shop for businesses seeking finance. Our user-friendly tech platform simplifies and speeds up access to loans, grants and equity funding across Ireland and the UK. We integrate with multiple data sources to help our customers build their business profile quickly and be instantly matched to funding. Our customers also have their own financial dashboard to keep up to date on their financial and liquidity metrics and we alert them when they become eligible for new funds or savings. Once we match to the right funding or saving we manage the application process so that our customers can focus on building their business. Customers range from start-up business to larger corporates requiring capital.

Swoop wants to take the pain out of raising finance and saving finance for business owners and financial advisors. So, a core element to the Swoop platform is to ensure a smooth interface for both business owners and financial advisors to search, discover and apply for financing for their business or on behalf of their business. Our SMEs are time poor, so we need to design systems and journeys that seem effortless and intuitive, so that are our users can spend more time on what they want to do – managing their business.




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London, UK

Lead Test Engineer

£ 50,000 - 60,000
QA Test Automation
Hiring manager


Company Culture

Learn how an exciting business that’s disrupting an industry is scaling up;
Have a say in how the business evolves and scales within a start-up environment;
Get to work with some other excellent, like-minded experts;
Within a transparent, friendly and collaborative culture;
Limitless challenge and scope for development. You are joining us at a very exciting time and have the opportunity to take this role in your preferred direction as we grow
Flexible working where possible.

Here’s the stuff we care about at Swoop Tech:

  • Think of big ideas and help make them happen
  • Customer impact is your compass
  • Be positive and have fun
  • Momentum momentum momentum!
  • You build it, you own it, you run it
  • Disagree and commit
  • We hire smart people and empower them
  • We win and grow as a team

Hiring Team

  • Ciaran
  • Zheng Hu
    Product Owner
  • Alexey Nayda
  • Drake E. Gearheart
    Scale Up Coach
  • George_gmail
  • Karim Sheikh
    Frontend Engineer
  • George