Backend Developer

  • Backend
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

We are looking for individuals with 3 or more years of active software development experience. Experience in the fintech industry, particularly in digital banking and payments, and knowledge of blockchain technology would be a plus.


* Develop micro services within our existing framework

* Perform coding tasks as assigned to you by the project manager or product owner

* Provide estimates for tasks based on technical specifications

* Ensure adequate (80% +) unit test coverage for all software

* Adhere to and enhance CI/CD methods as practised in the business

* Document your code inline and in the designated wiki as required

* Deliver correct, secure and resilient code by means of testing and peer reviews

* Adhere to all internal policies regarding coding standards, security and other development practises

* Ensure you are familiar with architectural guidelines as applied in the business

* Perform tasks related to deployment, debugging and maintenance as assigned to you

* Perform peer reviews of code and merge requests as required

* Stay up to date with development tools, languages and techniques

* Mentor your more junior team mates

* Responsible for designing, developing, testing, and debugging your code

* Translate technical specifications into functional code

* Sharing your knowledge of best practices and techniques with your team, including more senior team members


* 3 or more years of active software development experience, preferably in a startup environment

* Software engineering development and design experience with complex and highly scalable products, using multiple technologies and languages

* Experience working with and integrating scalable web applications and APIs

* Very strong AWS experience (certification a strong plus)

* Experience with microservice architecture

* Experience with scaling platforms in a high transaction volume environment

* Experience of working in a team with a strong DevOps culture

* Experience with CI/CD practises

* Experience in two or more of Python, Java, JavaScript (React), GoLang, Node.js

* Familiar with Terraform

* Fintech experience, especially in Digital Banking and Payments is a plus

* Experience with a Security First approach to software development

* Efficient problem solver, with the ability to see the bigger picture

* Ability to take ownership of problems

* Ideally, is able to work/overlap with GMT hours

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to innovate and build products that not only make an impact but also play an important role in creating this impact. The ability to work from your preferred location also provides the opportunity to grow your career without sacrificing personal fulfillment.

Note: Candidates may be required to complete coding tests as part of the hiring process.