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We use a LEMP stack with our own custom Silex Framework.

Its minimal and lightweight compared to Symfony but comes with all the benefits of the Symfony components. We use ElasticSearch for a lot of heavy lifting. And our front-end is in Vue.JS


Great Location / Office

Work in a New York style loft right next to Old street, the epicentre of the tech scene otherwise known as Silicon Roundabout.

Small but elite team is a small but elite team of coders. Everyone is independent. The only people we answer to are our users. There's no bureaucracy here.

Fully funded

We're funded by Connect Ventures and David Tisch of the the Box Group. Working with the backing of some of the most important people in tech opens lots of doors.

Agile development

We move at lightning pace. We don't waste time between having an idea and testing it...

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