Senior DevOps Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

We need a Senior DevOps Engineer to join us in our Bank, London office.

You will help bring us closer to our DevOps nirvana and contribute to our Platform as a Service and DevOps culture (test driven infrastructure, automate everything, self-service tooling).

We are product driven, not project driven. Our PaaS built on cloud infrastructure is our product and the rest of the business our customers.

You will be hands on in creating solutions to build and automate environments for production use. You understand the need to build scalable, auditable, reproducible and usable infrastructure.

You are security minded and endorse chaos engineering along with the approach of “you build it, you run it” and “you break it, you fix it”.

You will be required to be part of the on call rota.

We are 100% hosted at AWS (and attended the most recent re:Invent) and in the middle of working with our product teams to migrate their applications to a Jenkins/Docker/Ansible/CloudFormation driven, region agnostic, blue-green automated deployment pipeline; this offers both AMIs and Docker images for deployment to our respective AWS EC2 and ECS production environment.

In front of this we offer a self-service load balancing solution along with a DSL-based approach for creating and managing our subdomains with regards to DNS, SSL certificates, traffic manager routing and monitoring.

This framework is all done as Infrastructure as Code including integrations of other AWS services (e.g. RDS, S3), with a focus on providing the guardrails for immutable systems and making it as self-service as possible for the Product Teams.

We work in a timely, prioritised and start small manner. We look at the highest pain points for both dev and ops and work backwards. We continuously re-evaluate using the right tool for the DevOps job and making abstraction easy.

To add some flavour, here are a few tasters of current and upcoming workload:

  • Moving our 3TB+ production database to a cloud managed service.
  • Launching our Platform as a Service worldwide across any AWS region.
  • Migrating our biggest, baddest app to our brand new PaaS.
  • Continuing to iterate on the bootstrapping to get any new application up and running in production.
  • Extending our PaaS based on feedback from our Engineer product teams (Lambda? EKS? Fargate?).
  • Taking our platform global.

Skills we need:

  • Linux systems administration.
  • Configuration management tools such as Puppet, Ansible, Chef, or any other.
  • Experience with continuous delivery / provisioning / deployment.
  • Building and managing production public-facing sites.
  • Networking skills.
  • Familiarity with concepts such as ‘infrastructure as code’ and ‘tools not rules’.
  • Strong programming skills (in any language).

Skills we'd like:

  • Experience of cloud hosting such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience with hosting internet applications - DNS, load balancing, internet protocols, SSL etc...
  • Experience of monitoring tools such as Pingdom, New Relic, Threat Stack and Datadog.
  • Experience of logging tools such as ELK.
  • Experience of SSO tools.
  • Experience of simple secrets management.
  • Experience of container technologies such as Docker.
  • Experience of serverless technologies such as Lambda.
  • Experience of TDD.