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In-depth reporting, news and analysis on European startups and their founders, investors and partners. Backed by the Financial Times.

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Sifted ( is the media platform reporting on the world of technology and startups in Europe, backed by the Financial Times. Two years after launching, we’ve become known for our high-quality journalism and fresh viewpoints, and a must-read for many founders, investors, and people working in startups across the continent.

Our branding on SnapHR sucks - please check our website : )

Our team of reporters, based across Europe, aren’t chasing after the latest funding announcements or product releases; plenty of other sites have got that covered. We are telling the stories that should be told — big startup trends, compelling company profiles, and the everyday lessons that come from growing a business and messing up along the way.

We have grown from a standing start to over 500,000 monthly unique visitors, and over 60,000 newsletter subscribers, and have a lively social media following, but there is much more to be done to both grow and consolidate our readership – and ship new products. Our team in London is expanding rapidly and we’re looking for talented people to join.

While HQed in London, we are open to semi-remote applicants — ie. people who could travel in a couple of days per week. During the lockdowns, we have been working fully remotely.

We're growing rapidly (hiring 1 person every week or so) and expect to double our engineering team by the end of the year - join journey!

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London, UK

Backend Python Engineer

£ 40,000 - 60,000
Backend Full Stack
Hiring manager


Everyone has:

Competitive salary and equity

Shiny new technical equipment – we’re a Mac shop generally, but are open to whatever suits your needs

£1,000 annual learning budget to spend on technology courses – or anything else that interests you!

25 days of annual leave plus the usual public holidays

Flexible working hours and (post-lockdown) the option to work from home some days

Weekly team lunches (virtual for now) and seemingly endless snacks (when in the office)

Regular team socials… post-lockdown (eg. pub quizzes, dinners, theatre trips)

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