Javascript engineer

  • Backend, Frontend, Full Stack
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

What is Seneca? We make learning more enjoyable and effective through free online courses. Since launching in 2018 we have helped more than 4 million school-age students prepare for their exams.

Since COVID we have experienced even more exceptional growth, with up to 50,000 students signing up every day. We are looking to grow our development team to keep improving our product for our users.

Why not try Seneca out by brushing up on your knowledge of:

English: Harry PotterHistory: Elizabethan EnglandBiology: Characteristics of Organisms

We are based in Vauxhall, London.

Benefits Flexible hours & 2 days a week working from home. Although currently, we are fully remote until the end of the year due to COVID. Holiday progressively increases with tenure. Starting at 25 days a year before eventually rising to 33 days. Weekly "Knowledge shares" to share best practice and learn new skills Monthly "Dev labs" hackathons to work on something experimental of your choice 1 week per year working fully remote from a location of your choice abroad. You can find out more about our cultural values and what it is like working at Seneca here

Our stack

  • Our web app is primarily built using React & Redux with Flow for types
  • Serverless microservice architecture, written primarily in TypeScript & a little bit of Go
  • AWS: Lambda, SNS, SQS, EC2, Cloudfront, RDS, DynamoDB, X-ray, API Gateway, Cognito, S3
  • Google cloud: Big query, Web + App analytics
  • Testing using Jest & Cypress
  • CI with Jenkins & GitHub actions