Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Frontend
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

Risk Ledger is seeking a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our team and take ownership in shaping & building our innovative supply chain security product.

We're on a mission to improve the security maturity of the global supply chain ecosystem, reducing the number of data breaches experienced through supply chain attacks by companies and consumers alike. We're passionate about providing value to all our users from the largest of enterprises down to the smallest of businesses in every industry.

This is why we are looking for an Engineer who will not only work directly on our product experience, delivering & maintaining features for our customer base, but who will also have a long-standing impact on our engineering strategy, codebase and developer experience.

  • You love delivering an awesome product. You’ll be working on software that our customers interact with every day, collaborating with designers, product managers, other engineers and the wider business to create a great product experience and continuously ship value to our users.
  • You are a self-starter, who loves to learn and grow. You are able to take the initiative and make independent decisions, sharing your knowledge with others. You always consider the broader ramifications of your work, challenge assumptions, ask "why" and push yourself to find the right answers.
  • You have strong JavaScript and Frontend expertise, including Vue.js, React or another popular Frontend framework and modern JavaScript/TypeScript and HTML/CSS best practices. You’ll have the freedom to work across our entire tech stack as you wish, but the focus of this role is on the user interface of our web application.
  • You are experienced in maintaining and improving frontend tooling. You have strong opinions on what makes good tooling for engineers at a high-performance startup, and knowledge of tools for bundling, building, testing, monitoring and CI/CD for the frontend.
  • You care about quality and testing. You enjoy moving fast while maintaining a high quality of code through testing, reducing complexity, striving for consistency, implementing best practices and both actively seeking and giving thoughtful feedback.
  • You believe collaboration is key, with clear & consistent communication. You appreciate the impact of clear and thoughtful communication with others, both in-person and written, including articulating your proposals and decisions through excellent documentation.
  • You enjoy being a generalist. We are building an amazing and talented team from a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets. Our engineers are empowered to work in all areas of our platform, and across all areas of the business, directly contributing to the wider success of the company.
  • You have experience, and are able to demonstrate an ability to work at a senior level in a high-performance product & engineering team.

Ways of Working

  • We work in project-based cycles, documented in Notion, ticketed in Linear.
  • Everyone is encouraged to write proposals for improvements or features.
  • Our code is in a monorepo on GitHub, we all take part in code review and deploy our own work to production several times a day.
  • Our frontend is built with VueJS & its wider ecosystem, following a component driven, modular architecture.
  • Our CI/CD pipeline is built on GitHub Actions, bundling the Frontend with Webpack, ensuring quality with ESLint, Prettier & Stylelint. Fully tested using Jest.
  • We host our platform on AWS, managed by Terraform.
  • We use CloudWatch, & LogRocket for observability, and for incident response.
  • Our data stack consists of BigQuery, dbt, Segment, Census and Metabase.