Senior Go Engineer

  • Backend, Full Stack
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

✅ This role is open to engineers with 2+ years commercial experience.

Popsa is a design-led, engineering focussed company that uses machine learning to help people rediscover their best experiences and turn them into beautiful printed products.

We're a fast-growing, international business, shipping millions of printed photos a week to over 50 countries around the world.

This position is a great opportunity for experienced backend engineers with a grounding in GoLang or, Python looking to apply their existing skillset in a fast-paced and growing company.

Our Platform Technology Stack

  • Most of our backend code is written in Go with some Python and Node.js
  • We’re entirely hosted on AWS and make extensive use of many of their services (over 30 at last count!)
  • 15+ containerised microservices running in ECS (Our services talk protocol buffers over HTTP and are discovered with Consul)
  • The team is currently migrating to Kubernetes (EKS) and new services are written as first-class K8s citizens
  • We run dozens of event-driven serverless workloads running on Lambda; some running as APIs behind API Gateway and others as Step Functions or queue workers
  • Dockerised batch compute workflows
  • NoSQL databases (predominantly DynamoDB and ElasticSearch)
  • Serverless analytics data lake backed by S3 using Athena (PrestoDB)
  • Terraform and Serverless Framework to manage our infrastructure as code

Read more about our platform technology stack.

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You and the Role

This is a central role and the work you’ll be doing will touch every aspect of the business. The Popsa platform doesn’t just power our mobile apps, but numerous internal business applications and custom integrations with our printing facilities and shipping partners, as well as a growing data platform which will feed further into our growth strategies.

Alex, our Head of Engineering, likes to describe our platform as an iceberg - the bit customers encounter is just the tip above the water - underneath is a dynamic event-driven structure that enables us to be a lean business that can iterate and experiment rapidly.

You will gain a unique perspective of a high growth business and have an opportunity to shape the landscape of our backend APIs, data pipelines and strategies, infrastructure automation and many more engineering goals.

You Should Apply If

You're impact driven and eager to have a real positive impact on the company, product, users and very importantly your colleagues as well

You have a self-starter mindset; you proactively identify issues and opportunities and tackle them without being told to do so

You’re keen to learn more about and play around with new technologies

What we’re doing here at Popsa excites you!

Desired skillset:

  • Strong competency with a language such as Go or Python; the majority of the Platform backend is written in Go, but we’re flexible and you'll have the opportunity to learn on the job as well as making use of your existing skillset.
  • You structure code for scalability, performance and testing
  • Experience writing and consuming RESTful and RPC APIs; you'll be designing and building new APIs for our mobile and web clients and integrating with new partners and suppliers
  • You know and appreciate automated testing
  • Experience with Linux-based operating systems
  • Experience with container technologies
  • Production database experience, bonus points for experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases


  • Experience of continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Experience with AWS services such as EC2, ECS or EKS, DynamoDB, S3, SNS, SQS and Lambda, as well as tools such as Terraform and Serverless
  • Kubernetes experience
  • Experience designing, building and managing distributed event-driven services
  • Knowledge or experience of data engineering; tooling, processes, architectures, libraries


Salary is dependent on experience, qualification and merit; feel free to be honest and state your desired remuneration level.

More importantly, you will also get to own part of the business. Popsa has a share options scheme that is open to all employees. We'll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

Got a Question?

If you have any questions about this role or anything about Popsa please feel free to email us at and either our CTO Tom or Head of Engineering Alex will get back to you. Want to have a phone call or drop in to our office? Just let us know in your message.

We look forward to hearing from you!