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Becoming Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts is just the start of an amazing journey. We believe in a world of diversity where the expression of individuality enriches people’s lives and their relationships.

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It takes a particular kind of spirit to work in the PhotoBox group. It’s not for everyone. For a start, we’re a place for self starters and free thinkers. We thrive on each other’s passion for delivering amazing customer experiences, never standing still and constantly challenging the status quo. We look for new and better ways to consistently deliver results and wow customers.
We can be chaotic in our methods and while this is something we’re getting better at, the reality is when you join us, you won’t necessarily have clear structures and processes to guide you. We need people who can carve their own path and even work with others to show us the way. If you see this as the freedom to fly, read on.What you will get from us is a whole heap of people who want to help you succeed.

People who are passionate about seeing our business thrive. People who want to share what they know and what they’ve learned with you. You’ll get the chance to work on projects that are changing the experience for customers and colleagues, and everyone is welcome.We’re at an exciting time in our evolution. We’re growing up but not growing old. We want people who can take us to the next level. People who have been there and done that, but who are up for doing things differently as well. In return we’ll invest all we can in making sure you get the best from our family of brands, because we do everything. This is a place where you can get your teeth into doing business differently.

Head to our lovely office in SE1’s Metal Box Factory and kick off with the daily stand-up. Product, UX, the wider engineering team and business partners work together to help define and achieve clear goals that best serve our customers. When you need a screen break you might fancy a game of Table Tennis in our “Games” room, or taking on someone at Foosball.At lunch time you can join a lunch & learn, one of our regular trainning sessions, or head out for street food at Borough Market and Flat Iron Square. If you need some exercise, take a walk along the Thames, head to one of our local gyms, or sign up for weekly 5-aside football.

At the end of the day you can join one of the social events we put on! With a dedicated CEO, you could be go-karting, playing network games or indulging in cakes and goodies at our monthly birthday drinks. With 4 different brands, we don't have a single uniform stack. We use whatever language or tool is best for the job.


A family of 4 amazing brands

We are a family of 4 brands – PhotoBox, Moonpig, PaperShaker and Sticky9. We operate 3 factories in Europe, are present in 20 countries, and have over 700 employees worldwide serving over 7 million active customers.

Personalized products

We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ products … we’re personal. Every single thing you buy from us is unique to you. The purpose of our great family of brands is to magic our customers’ photos, words and feelings into precious objects that make them smile, laugh and, sometimes, cry. We’re in the business of ‘one-of-a-kind’ and so delighting each and every customer is central to everything we do.

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