Founding Software Engineer - CTO

  • Backend, Full Stack, Machine Learning, Database Engineer
  • Permanent / Contractor
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

Note: we are also open for contractor position. Contractor pay will be based on your geolocation. The Permanent position's bay is based for San Francisco Bay Area salary, it will be adjusted based on your location>

What you will be building at Ormi


  • Indexing, search, and recommendation system.
  • Rapid iteration and implementation of core indexing nodes.
  • Machine Learning, graph database, and customized reputation computation algorithms.
  • Smart contracts for bringing reputation natively on-chain.


  • 4+ years engineering experience in Big Tech building infrastructure or distributed systems.
  • Large-scale, fault-tolerant systems, Machine Learning, Data Science, Solidity, Typescript/Javascript, Python, React.
  • Experience with indexing and ETL in Web3 context.
  • You’ve been actively building in Web3, but realized smart contracts are a bit boring, because your passion really is Web3 infrastructure.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch or worked in enterprise search space.
  • BS or higher degree in Computer Science.
  • Strong technical judgement, knows when to "build it right" and when "quick and dirty" is the right call.
  • If you are a stellar engineer, you know it and we can smell it from afar!


  • Salary.
  • 0.5-1% company equity. Tokens equity TBD.
  • Healthcare, dental, vision, and more.
  • Unlimited PTO (we encourage everyone to take at least 4 weeks off).