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Ormi is building the one-stop search, aggregation, discovery infrastructure for all Web3 reputation and credential data. https://www.ormilabs.xyz

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Position Overview

If you are passionate about defining and shaping reputation in pseudo-anonymous Web3, building large scale infrastructure, and building the best search and recommendation experience for Web3, this position is then for you.

The ideal quality we are seeking in a foundingsoftware engineer is someone who has a deep technical understanding about distributed systems and in-depth insight into Web3 primitives and data science. You should be more than just a Web or Solidity developer, although we would like you to know how to build performant web apps and secure smart contracts.

What you will be building at Ormi

  • Indexing, search, and recommendation system.
  • Rapid iteration and implementation of core indexing nodes.
  • Machine Learning, graph database, and customized reputation computation algorithms.
  • Smart contracts for bringing reputation natively on-chain.

Positions 1

San Francisco, CA, USA

Founding Software Engineer - CTO

$ 100,000 - 150,000
Backend Full Stack Machine Learning Database Engineer
Hiring manager
Victor Fei



  • 0.5-1% company equity. Tokens equity TBD.
  • Healthcare, dental, vision, and more.
  • Unlimited PTO (we encourage everyone to take at least 4 weeks off).

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