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Forged in the flames of the video games industry, our team is building a world-changing gamification business, empowering sales directors, managers and consultants with the tools they need to succeed.

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Our platform connects directly into recruitment and sales CRMs to track KPIs, build reports, provide gamification and enhance visibility into a sales team's performance. We operate on a serverless scalable architecture hosted on AWS, using a PHP backend combined with a ReactJS frontend.

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Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Backend Developer

£ 30,000 - 40,000
Hiring manager
James Heath


☕️ Collaborative working budget

Want to work in-office with your team from time to time? There's budget.

💰 Professional & financial growth

You'll grow with us - both in your skills, and in terms of compensation.

🥳 Six-weekly expensable team days

"Culture days" are a key part of OneUp. The best part? We cover the cost!

✈️ World-beating holiday allowance

25 days paid holiday, 8 bank holidays, and time off over Christmas.

🏝 Remote working

Live and work anywhere in the UK.

🧘‍♀️ Flexible working hours

Role-allowing, our approach allows flexibility in when you work.

📈 Clear progression

Well-defined progression means you know where you're heading next!

🧠 Highly motivated, aligned team

Work with a team of self-starters, all motivated towards our goals.

🎓 Personal development

Additional budget to help you learn and develop professionally.

💻 Gear to do the job

Laptops are issued by default!

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