MUBI is a subscription-based, streaming video on demand (SVOD) service.


Available in over 200 countries around the globe and across multiple devices, MUBI brings you a new hand-picked film everyday that is available to watch for 30 days. At any time there are 30 films to choose from.

From a development perspective, our server stack is primarily built with Ruby & Ruby on Rails. We have one core Rails app that powers our website and API. We also run our own bespoke video CDN on bare metal servers which manages packaging, distribution and delivery of video data to the web and all our platform clients.

Our front-end is currently built with Backbone+Marionette, although we in the process of migrating to React. Our back-end uses MySQL, redis, and Elasticsearch. We currently have apps on iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, and many TVs and TV set top boxes.

We deploy our technology to AWS (for application concerns) and SoftLayer (for video CDN concerns). For monitoring and metrics we use Sensu / InfluxDB / Grafana. For centralized logging we use ELK. For APM we use New Relic. For exception tracking we use Honeybadger and Fabric. For story/task management and planning we use Trello. For collaboration we use Slack. For continuous integration we use TravisCI. For code review and some internal hosting we use GitHub.


Ruby on RailsMySQLRedisAWSChefDockerElasticSearchJavaScriptReactJSRuby

Why you'd like working here

    A small team with big ambitions

    MUBI works in the same world as Netflix and Amazon, but as a much smaller company with a unique business model, we are free to explore new approaches and ideas to how we can provide the most engaging and useful experience to our customers. Currently around 40 people, you'll be joining a small, agile development team with the opportunity to make a real impact to the direction of development, and the company as a whole.

    Dedicated cinephiles

    MUBI is made up of people who love film and are passionate about finding the perfect intersection between cinema and technology. We are as international as the cinema we love and our team is pulled from the ranks of dedicated cinephiles from all around the globe. As a member of the development team, you'll get to directly interact with everyone else in the company to learn and contribute ideas.