Our business is aiming to bring free internet and phone calls to the developing world. The service works via an advertising supported model (users try apps, complete surveys, do crowdsourced tasks which are swapped for mobile topup time). Backed by VCs.


We're looking for someone with strong and broad skills like you to come and join us at an exciting time of Movivo's growth. Movivo's business is aiming to bring greater access to services for users with a particular emphasis on emerging markets. We have financial backing from the United Nations, Microsoft and 4 venture capital funds (we've received new funding for the business last month). We are already in production with multiple apps, one of which has over 1 million users. Our company is based in London.



Why you'd like working here

    Work from home

    Everyone at Movivo gets at least a day a week to work from home, which makes life easier for our employees