Having built one of most successful Content Commerce apps in Europe, we are now building out a native commerce platform to help Brands bridge the gap on mobile.


Mobula is the latest exciting business built by the team behind Grabble, one of the most successful mobile commerce apps in Europe. At Mobula we plan to enable brands to sell more on mobile, growing the market and redefining the category by inventing new ways to reduce barriers to entry whilst never compromising quality, and to have fun along the way. Our vision is to become the number 1 mobile commerce SaaS brand in the world, with the best clients and our own roster of incredible owned platform apps. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we will only get there through independent thinking and meaningful collaboration. Mission: To put the best E Commerce products in consumers’ hands through innovation and design Why work for Mobula? We have just closed a funding round from investors including two very exciting VCs and there has never been a better time to join us as we embark on the most ambitious chapter of our journey. The Grabble team have already established their influence and ability in the mobile commerce landscape winning numerous awards in tech, the fashion industry, and even the British monarchy. We’ve topped charts, raised millions and had a great time along the way. And all of that was without you - imagine what we can do with you! Our Mobula platform enables us not only to power mobile commerce for brands and retailers, it also enables us to host hackathons and make our own fun apps to launch in the App stores! Who knows where the journey will take us - but your job is to make sure we make great strides forward and have a great time doing it.



Why you'd like working here

    Health Insurance

    Private health insurance and access to Babylon unlimited GP service

    Flexible Working Hours

    Like the gym? Yoga? Don’t like going at the busiest times? That personal development class the other side of London that you’ve been dying to go to? That’s fine, just make your office hours up before or after. If you’re happy, you’re productive and if you’re productive, we’re happy!


    Hankering for a snack? Fully stocked fridge and healthy/not so healthy snack cupboard to satisfy your hunger.

    Tea Time

    We all work hard - so it’s good to recharge with a little break. Tea time is 4pm, for 20 minutes, every day, grab a mug, relax, go for a walk, take a breather, come back more productive.

    The Office

    Awesome East London private office close to Shoreditch and Old Street stations, which we have recently moved into and put a lot of work into making a place we are super proud and excited to call home. We have tried to offer a comfortable, productive working space combined with plenty of fun breakout space to socialise with the team.


    Regular Teams nights in, and Team nights out