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We help sales teams turn cold outreach intro warm conversations

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Every month sales teams around the world send billions of emails, make countless cold phone calls and “reach out” on LinkedIn to as many people as they can.

But response rates are low so companies turn to software to scale their outreach - this increases output but not necessarily warm responses.

At we believe there are better ways to engage with potential customers and we’re building technology to help sales teams timely communicate and add value to every conversation.

We were founded in late 2020 by Alex, Emanuel and Jamie who met each other in the third London cohort at the startup accelerator Antler. We were one of seven teams that successfully received funding at the end of the programme and we’ve been on an amazing rocket ship ride ever since 🚀.

We’ve just raised £230k additional funding from some of the best angel investors in our industry and we’re now hiring working hard on the exciting product roadmap ahead of us.

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London, UK

Frontend Engineer (React + Typescript)

£ 50,000 - 65,000
Frontend Full Stack
Hiring manager
Alex Bilbie


32 days holiday (including bank holidays)

It's important that we all take time off to relax and spend with loved ones

Training and education budget

You're welcome to put this towards meetups, conferences or a monthly subscription to a tutorial site

Own a part of the company

Mesg has a share options scheme that is open to all employees. We'll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

Equipment budget

In addition to a new Macbook let us know if you'd like a monitor and office chair

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