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Marshmallow was founded in 2017 with a clear mission: to improve the financial health of people living in a foreign country. People who live in a foreign country are overcharged 100s of billions of dollars by finance companies, and we know that's not fair. We are fixing it, starting with car insurance where in the UK 'migrant' people are overcharged £1.1bn annually.

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Be involved in something that MATTERS

We are building a digital insurance company from the ground up! Solving real problems, that effect real people. You will be one of the earliest employees and will have A LOT of input.


The first employees will be awarded 0.3%-1% equity in a business that is very well capitalised and supported, going after a multi-trillion dollar industry

Shared 'grow yourself' pot

We share a pot of money that goes towards financing conferences and lectures etc. It's important to us that we all keep learning

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