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We are on a mission to empower all product teams to build relevant notification experiences.

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MagicBell is a B2B SaaS startup addressing the products' notification challenges. We graduated from Y Combinator earlier this year and raised $4.5m in seed funding.

Some of the best startups like Pitch use MagicBell to power their notifications. We are post-revenue and growing fast. We pay well and offer meaningful equity with a 10-year exercise window (more on that in the offer).

Tech Stack:

Our front end is built with React, CSS-in-JS, and TypeScript. We test-drive our code with Jest, and we use Storybook a lot. We offer 4 JavaScript libraries to interact with our Rest API and render notification inboxes in the browser and React Native. These offer users real-time capabilities through WebSockets.

Our back end stack is Ruby on Rails with a healthy serving of background processing. We use Sidekiq at the moment, but we’d like to add Kafka to our stack. We deploy to AWS using Docker and Kubernetes and utilize many of their hosted services (like RDS for Postgres). We aren't a standard-issue Rails app. For example, we use gems like interactor, and dry-rb to write high-quality test-driven code. We are always looking for ways to improve the architecture of our back end.

Positions 2

London, UK

Founding Backend Engineer [Async Remote]

$ 120,000 - 170,000
Hiring manager
Sherry Chin

London, UK

Founding Frontend Engineer [Async Remote]

$ 120,000 - 170,000
Hiring manager
Sherry Chin



Fully remote and fully distributed. Please, ignore the location setting, because I was forced to select a location.

Flexible work

We require the EST 9 am to 12 pm overlap, and the rest of the time is up to you to manage.

Time off

30 days a year (including public holidays/sick days)


Healthcare, paid time off (and more as we grow).

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