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Lava is a fintech start-up that is building a simple, yet holistic financial experience for a self-custodial bitcoin wallet and enable users to earn yield, borrow, and swap their BTC

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At Lava, we are building a self-custodial wallet enabling users to address all their financial needs with bitcoin as their SoV/money. We are creating a simple, yet holistic financial experience for bitcoin that includes:

  1. transactions that are as low-cost and private as possible
  2. enabling users to borrow USD against native BTC without giving up custody
  3. letting users earn a risk-minimized yield on their BTC
  4. enabling users to swap BTC for other assets without giving up custody

We just raised over $2M from some of the best VCs in town including Steve lee (Sprial BTC), UTXO Capital, Hivemind, and more.

Come JOIN our team, be a founding member and help scale bitcoin from a small group of enthusiasts to mainstream adoption!


Remote first world

We truly believe in a remote-first working environment. Our only criterion is that you are on planet Earth

Meaningful equity

As an early Engineer, you would get meaningful equity in the company

First Engineer hire

You will be a part of the core team, having a say in how you take bitcoin from 1-100

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