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Komatsu Mining is a world-leading manufacturer of mining equipment. It has design sites in Worcester, Manchester (UK), Warrendale and Franklin (USA). A senior software engineer is required to join a team of 15+ engineers based at the company’s office in Worcester, designing, implementing and configuring software for the roof support and conveyor control systems for specialist heavy tunnelling and mining machinery.

The skill set and technology areas our engineers are involved in includes:
- Real-time embedded software
- Low level Device drivers
- Java
- SQL Databases
- Virtual Machines
- Simulation
- 3D Visualisation
- Data Archiving
- WiFi
- Ethernet Comms
- Visual C++ and Access Programming.
- ARM, x86, 8051, PIC and 68000 microprocessors.
- Real time operating systems, (VxWorks)

Key responsibilities will be the design, implementation, testing and deployment of embedded control software and associated PC programs using C, C# and C++.

Our products are safety-critical, and you should have a good understanding of the use of C and C++ subsets such as MISRA, and be aware of the benefits of static analysis tools.

Positions 2

Worcester, Worcester, UK

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

£ 55,000 - 65,000
Hiring manager
Alex Joy

Worcester, Worcester, UK
Hiring manager
Alex Joy

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