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Experienced founders (previously built Geckoboard, CharlieHR, Paddle) who are building a new product to make it easier to build and scale SaaS software.

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The core value of most B2B businesses comes from a unique insight, data or technology, not from just designing and building a great web app. That’s where Kernel comes in.

Kernel allows users to assemble their own B2B software frontend. We provide all the components a SaaS web app needs like tables, lists and graphs plus sign up, login and settings pages, so end users have a great experience. Without having to build and maintain a whole web app.

We're tackling hard design and technical challenges (scalable design systems, headless UI and visual builders). If you want to come and reinvent how B2B software is built, come and chat to us.

Both Kernel founders have previously started and built several SaaS companies in Europe. Tom co-founded CharlieHR, and worked as the Head of Product & Chief of Staff at Entrepreneur First. Rob co-founded Geckoboard, and most recently was CTO & CPO at Paddle.

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