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We are transforming the way people learn languages. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we give everyone access to AI-powered private tutors so they can learn wherever, whenever.

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Kaizen Languages is changing the world of language learning for the better. We use artificial intelligence to give you your own language tutor on your phone. We believe that through creative conversations, interesting tutors and powerful AI we can make language learning more effective than ever. We are ambitious, driven and passionate about language learning and are looking for people who share these traits to join our growing team

We're building the world’s best language learning platform for all language learners. Come join us.

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London, UK

iOS Developer

£ 50,000 - 60,000
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The mission

The Kaizen Languages team is passionate about languages and technology. We're building the best experience to acquire your next language or maintain the one you have already learned. As a technology company, we know how critical engineers are to building great products for our customers, and we believe in empowering our teams to find the best way of achieving our goals across design, education, and engineering. Crucially, we also believe in experimentation, quick feedback loops and continuous learning, all


Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. When learning a language, building a product or running a company, we're always improving and refining our knowledge. We believe in this philosophy so much we named our company after it.

The office

We have a nice office at a co-working space in central London with free barista made coffee and tea available to staff.

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