Senior Software Engineer, PHP

  • Full Stack
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

iTech is a global affiliate marketing company that helps people make smart choices online. We create experiences and products that inform and entertain a global audience, providing unparalleled insight and guidance in the highly competitive world of iGaming and branching out into other industries - watch this space!
Our story is unique! We are a bootstrapped company, having grown to 300 people today and are looking to grow to a 1000+ employees by 2025. From truly epic company parties to dedicated time and resource for personal development - we strive to give you the greatest experience of your working live while producing the best work you have ever done. We are looking for the most engaged, innovative and sharpest people to build the best digital teams in the world. From our offices in London and Warsaw we bring to life a network of over 150 products across 50+ countries and 21+ languages.
Will you be part of our journey?
What we absolutely need you to do: 7. The main responsibilities of the role will be to assist in driving, managing and producing high quality interactive widgets and tools for both users and also your fellow team members. 8. You will be tasked with creating industry leading engagement and interactivity in a highly competitive industry. You also will be responsible for helping improve and refactor the current codebase, in an effort to enhance the workflow of the network of sites being worked on. 9. Additionally, you will work on making cutting-edge and creative tools that will make the rest of the Tech Team's jobs more streamlined, which means that you will need to be confident in your backend development skills. The role will require you to be fluent and confident on both backend and front-end technologies.

Ticket to play: 11. Fluent and solid skills in PHP and JavaScript. 12. 5+ years of production quality work using PHP and JavaScript. 13. HTML and CSS. 14. JavaScript and common libraries. 15. Ability to easily navigate and understand the document object model. 16. Know what impacts the speed of a website from both the front and backend and take it into consideration with every piece of code you write. 17. Have experience with and also be able to use a version control system. 18. Not only be able to write excellent procedural code, but also write object-oriented PHP and be fully versed on classes, objects, interfaces. 19. Be experienced with the Symfony, Laravel or similar frameworks. 20. Experience integrating PHP and JavaScript through asynchronous requests or other modern techniques. 21. MySQL experience for queries and command line fixes. 22. Understanding of caching technologies and how they work and when they should be used. 23. Debugging and code profiling experience. 24. Knowledge of public API's and how to interact with them as well as how to build and manage your own. 25. Good understanding of SOLID principles and design patterns 26. Experience with TDD / DDD 27. Experience with various DB tools (SQL, non-SQL) 28. Experience with Big Data tools (e.g. Amazon key-value DB)