Senior Google Cloud Platform + Node.js Developer

  • Backend
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

The role

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer to work closely with our users and prospects, understand their challenges, and ship things quickly to test & learn. You will develop new features quickly, so we can push them to our users, get feedback, and understand what we need to build next. You should be biased towards pace and experimentation and excited about solving the big challenges in healthcare. You’ll have the opportunity to grow the team and contribute to Engineering best practice and process across the business as we scale!

We see this role evolving into a tech lead role, whether that’s engineering specialist, or more people focused team lead, as we grow.

The Tech

Isla is an Angular app deployed to Firebase, supported by Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub and Docker via Cloud Run. Connectivity with our clients is handled via the Google Healthcare API, in addition to private VPC access via the NHS HSCN network.

Who We Are

Isla is building the visual component to the healthcare record. We provide clinicians with the platform they need to receive, review and store images and videos directly from patients. This provides valuable clinical context for decision-making whilst delivering convenient care for patients, empowering clinical teams to deliver responsive care with fewer appointments. The Isla platform is intuitive, endlessly scalable, and approved by NHS Digital as a cloud storage solution.

We are a small, growing team dedicated to improving healthcare. We are ambitious, customer focused, and driven by the impact we are having in healthcare. We’re also a very early stage and well funded startup, which brings a level of uncertainty, but also brings agility and growth opportunities unlike anywhere else.

The Team

As we begin to build our Engineering team, you will shape the way the early platform is developed. You will work directly with our other Engineers and Founders to ensure you're developing professionally, as well as happy, motivated, and understand the wider business & health context that we are working in. The people around you will be super smart and motivated, and expect a lot from you. That will be exciting for you.

Over the next 12 months you will:

  • Contribute to Product strategy
  • Design and build the platform that will allow our clients to look after their patients, integrating new SSO OAuth providers, Patient Record systems, amongst other things!
  • Interact directly with the users you are building for, to understand their challenges and deliver what they need
  • Encourage and introduce engineering best practices
  • Manage all of our cloud infrastructure, VMs and networking requirements, to ensure that we can scalably interact with NHS systems


  • You're a proactive Engineer who enjoys collaborating with all areas of the business and our customers directly
  • Professional experience as a Senior Developer, having overcome scaling challenges with Google Cloud Platform
  • Hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform - Datastore, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, IAM, Docker
  • Keen understanding of best practices when building Node.js / Express applications with Typescript
  • Solid understanding of VPCs, subnets, private VPNs
  • CI, automation, such as github actions
  • infrastructure as code using Terraform
  • Experience integrating with a variety of APIs, e.g. REST & SOAP
  • Proven experience with unit testing frameworks such as Jest
  • Passionate about solving complex problems in a team of brilliant people
  • Empathy and enthusiasm to help the wider team progress, through mentoring and tech leadership. You should be the go-to for GCP expertise, and back-end design


🏑 Work from home or at our office in Camden 🏒

🌍 Work from abroad for up to 90 days a year

πŸ•œ Flexible working times

πŸ– 25 days annual leave (on top of bank holidays)

πŸŽ‚ Take your birthday off

πŸŽ„ Take Christmas Eve off

πŸŽ‰ Enhanced parental leave

🍜 Treat your friends or family to a meal each quarter (up to £75)

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈA monthly wellbeing bonus (Β£50 per month to spend on gym membership or wellbeing activities)

🎳 Quarterly team socials and a meal out

πŸ“š A learning day every month and we'll buy you a book or course each time

πŸ“ˆ Equity options available

πŸ’— Delivering social impact through improved patient healthcare

πŸ’‘ Working at a well funded and rapidly growing start up, solving a global problem in a new way

πŸŽ‡A whole lot of fun on an exciting journey


Β£90,000 - Β£110,000


We are a hybrid team, based throughout the UK. We offer the flexibility to work outside of the UK up to 90 days per year, however you must be able to work and live permanently within the UK.