Induction Healthcare Group PLC

We build software that improves the delivery of healthcare in complex and varied settings.


--- Mission ---

By building software that healthcare professionals choose to use, we can help healthcare teams save time and deliver care more efficiently, whilst giving hospitals and healthcare organisations the analytics to identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources.We believe good software has the power and potential to dramatically change the way we care for patients – it is our goal to make this a reality.

--- Products ---


Induction is a secure communications toolkit that healthcare professionals use to connect with the people they need, collaborate in teams and communicate securely in complex clinical environments.Induction is currently used by over 75,000 healthcare professionals and is the backbone upon which we build and buy applications & software that connect with healthcare professionals and give them access to the tools they need to provide better care and get their clinical jobs done.Our first system is Induction – the leading communications product with features including:Directory ServicesDocument SharingSecure Messaging

--- Team ---

We are a team of doctors and technologists focused on streamlining the delivery of care by healthcare professionals.The CEO and CFO worked together at DrugDev, a healthcare technology company that operated in the clinical trials sector and pursued a similar buy and build strategy, scaling the company and exiting in 2017.The team is supported by a non-executive team with a broad range of experience in both healthcare and technology.

See how Induction is being used by healthcare professionals today:


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