We are a London-based technology company who want to enable new experiences by unlocking the power of distributed, real-time, persistent simulations.


Our Engineers stem predominantly from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and MIT and are alumni of Google, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, eBay and GSA to name a few. Together we love solving new, complex, interesting problems. We take significant pride in areas like code quality, testing and rigorous reviews.


ScalaDistributed SystemsJavaScriptC#Python


Clerkenwell, London EC1V, UK

JS Frontend Engineer

Clerkenwell, London EC1V, UK

C/C++ EngineerJava EngineerJS Frontend Engineer.NET EngineerPython EngineerScala Engineer

London EC1M 3HE, UK

Go EngineerPython EngineerRuby EngineerInfrastructure Engineer

Why you'd like working here

    Logic Wins

    We operate a structure where logic always prevails. We value voice and perspective; it’s always heard. We have a ‘don’t just tell me, show me’ attitude that values prototyping and experimentation.

    Unlimited Vacation

    Everybody is different. In truth, the only person who really knows how much time you need to rejuvenate is you. We’re all adults and we trust you to make the call. All we ask is that you take your team into consideration and ensure you take plenty of holiday!

    Life Concierge

    We have a team of people dedicated to making sure your life at Improbable is as good as can be. We’ve relocated families and set them up in London, organised parties, negotiated with energy companies and even ordered pizzas! Whatever you need, we can help take away the burden.