Georical lets you access the world via the Centerlink like the world wide web lets you access the internet


Georical is a location based platform (social network) that lets you access the world around you and at large via the ‘Centerlink’. Tap into the live local and global collective consciousness and contribute to it yourself.


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Why you'd like working here

    Our Mission

    To organise the world, make it accessible and interactive.

    Our Vision

    The big idea behind Georical is to let you access the world like the World Wide Web lets you access the internet and to essentially become an extension of the wider web; A world without barriers and a web of connections. A digital version of the real world.More to this, Georical is a multi-dimensional idea that wants to serve the world in different ways by becoming a platform for many things such as people, businesses/start-ups, government, enterprises, news, media, travel, navigation, search information,

    Our story

    For many years we had always felt that the internet was missing something, so we founded Georical to fill that void; the need for and the possibilities of making the world accessible and interactive.We have always had a curious fascination with the world, wanting to be present or to teleport/transcend anywhere in the world at any given time and to in a sense be omnipresent. We wondered how do you empower the ordinary person in a way that they could access and reach any corner of the world? How do you make