Backend Engineer

  • Backend
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

You will be responsible for developing software and software fixes, integrating internal systems, ensuring code quality, testing and distributing code updates, implementing automations and monitoring the health and stability of servers.

Your skills / experience will be leveraged towards identifying production errors, defining and creating tools that help mitigate problems in the system design stage and applying user-defined integrations. The desired outcome of this is improving the user experience and having a large overall contribution to the company’s success.

Key responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the other team members to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive code to enhance the user experience.
  • Maintain and improve systems and architecture
  • Automate systems to increase reliability and improve cycle time
  • Assuring optimised and high quality code and implement efficient and high standards testing principles
  • Employ effective security measures and adhere to security standards
  • Designing and implementing efficient and fit for purpose design patterns
  • Build tools to reduce occurrence of errors and improve customer experience
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Key skills & requirements


  • Possess a problem-solving attitude.
  • Capacity to work independently and as part of a team.
  • High focus and capability to multi-task
  • Thoroughness and a sense of perfectionism
  • Pragmatically automate
  • Testing first attitude


  • Fluency or understanding of specific languages, such as GoLang, Java, C or Python and operating systems.
  • Good experience in network, server, and application-status monitoring and debugging ( New Relic, Cloud Watch)
  • Experience with TDD and other testing principles
  • Understanding of Design Patterns, SSO systems, microservice architecture, Communication protocols, virtualisation, Continuous integration, Unit testing
  • Expertise with AWS tools and services, and infrastructure as code (Terraform or Cloud formation)
  • You possess a strong command of software-automation production systems (Jenkins, GitHub Actions)
  • Good understanding of Linux and Containers (Docker, ECR)

Diversity & Inclusion

We care deeply about making Filtered an inclusive and diverse place to work. We encourage applications from all demographics and backgrounds to maximise the capability and neurodiversity of the team. We don’t make decisions based on gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics which are unrelated to the role. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles and we accommodate flexible working to make sure you are as productive and happy as you can be.