We make software accessible to everyone. (CTRL ALT BUILD)

Description is a platform for building bespoke software using AI and a library of building blocks to democratize software development; making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone.

What we do 

In we believe that anyone, irrespective of technical knowledge, should be able to build and operate technology.


We are an AI-assisted platform building bespoke software for our customers, making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone.

We launched in 2012, and last year we secured $29.5m of funding to scale our growth in Europe. We have already two big offices in L.A and in Delhi and we are working hard to keep growing there. However our focus for this year is to build up the one we have in London.


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Why you'd like working here

    Globally Connected Team

    Be a part of a global team that’s connected physically and virtually. Wherever you are, you will work with the best minds from our widely placed teams across Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, India, Slovenia, Ukraine and the ASEAN region.

    Purely Merit Driven

    You are responsible for defining your own career trajectory, and the company believes in hiring and promoting people who are driven, responsible and hold themselves accountable to achieve organisation goals.

    Bleeding Edge Technology

    If you want to join an agile company that’s working on bleeding edge technology in the cloud, AI and machine learning space, this is your chance to work with one of the best!

    Growth Opportunities

    We're growing exponentially, which means ample opportunities for you with the company to take on new roles and explore new geographies.


    Profitable right from the first year of operations and growing at a CAGR of 180% for four consecutive years.

    Learning & Benefits

    At Builder, we actively shape your individual career path. We support you in personal development and facilitate in honing your strengths and interests.