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We are currently building the frontend using JavaScript, ES9, React and it’s all nice and clean still using a non-ejected create-react-app. We are even doing the layout using CSS Grid (they are awesome! aren’t they?). The backend is built using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ (through Celery) and we host it in Heroku (so, no server maintenance nightmare). We have Heroku pipelines that automatically execute the tests in Heroku’s own CI and then deploy to staging. A thing of beauty. On top of that we get automatic reports on code quality from Code Climate, monitoring with New Relic and error reporting with Sentry (for both backend and frontend). We strongly care about a good tech working environment where each developer is a productive as possible and is not dealing with artificial limitations.

We have a great full time designer so all our screens are beautifully crafted and we get high quality assets, images, etc to build on top of. You don’t have to tinker with Photoshop or anything, you can just ask whenever you need a graphic asset.

We are building a tool to help mortgage brokers approach and retain customers whose mortgage is up for renewal. We send emails, track clicks, opens, etc (hopefully we’ll apply machine learning there at some point). There are lots of interesting complexities in building an application that looks simple but achieves a lot under the hood. Thankfully, we have a lot of domain experts working every day at the office, so, you don’t have to guess what the customer wants, you don’t have to build something you know it’s going to fail. You can talk to our own experts, they can retrieve information from our customers. We are not building a spec, we are building a solution.

We are located on Canary Wharf, on the Lever 39 coworker space (in a private office, and yes, the view is amazing from up here).