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We reached out to an incredible ex-Apple iOS Engineer on Snap and within 9 days we'd made him an offer. It's rare to find a platform with such responsive developers - where the quality is great too

Nick Reffitt at Tapdaq
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Alex McFaddyen at Corbis
Through Snap.hr we found our front-end developer who was a great match! I really value the low touch, high data, approach - where everything you need to see about a developer is all in one place.
Zara Bartels at Roli
Our search for a Ruby developer with an interest in music and good social skills proved to be extremely difficult. Snap had more great candidates than anywhere else we looked. Their talent pool ended a long & tiring search. Greatly appreciated!
Elizabeth Wicks, Talent administrator at MOO
I would highly recommend Snap to any fast growing tech company looking to hire the best developers.
Richard Evans at Photobox
I was really impressed with the level of service and the quality of the developers on Snap. I sent out 2 interview requests and within a fortnight, we’d filled our senior iOS developer role.
Robert Lynch at CityMunch
I’d been trying to fill our tricky CTO role for quite a while, but none of the candidates I saw were quite right. I signed up to Snap and hired Amy within a week!
Dave Nelson at AppearHere
We’ve just hired a senior data scientist on Snap. Candidates are always quick to respond and of a consistently higher calibre than what I’ve seen through more traditional channels.
Michael Langguth at Poq
Snap is great: the sign-up process couldn’t be simpler, and within minutes I was reaching out to some really interesting developers. It took just over a week for me to find and hire a .NET Developer who is now a key part of our tech team!
Ben Gateley at CharlieHR
We've always found it hard to find great talent that live up to our high standards, as we're not just looking for great engineers - we're looking for great people, people we want to spend our days with building great businesses. Traditional recruiters have on the most part always failed to find candidates that match the types of attitudes we're after, but Snap have helped us find some absolute gems.

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