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Financial Services




Ben Stanway
Charlie Mortimer

Last Funding Type

Series B

Candidates hired through Snap.hr

6 hires in 3 months

The Challenge

Hiring for senior javascript engineers, senior java, senior IOS
and senior android and senior designers.

After 6 hires in 3 months, I can definitely recommend Snap.hr to any company looking to hire Engineers / Designers / Data Scientists, as the process is quick and easy, and you get the support of Account Managers and Talent Managers along the way

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Nefeli Zachou
Talent Partner at Moneybox

Do you have any advice for other companies looking to find candidates and hire through Snap.hr?

Best advice for a company that is just starting with Snap.hr: Set everything up properly (company page, email templates, meeting with talent team etc) before you start looking and reaching out to candidates- and life will become much easier!

How easy was it to onboard to Snap.hr and start finding candidates?
What did you think of the candidate quality and engagement levels on Snap.hr?

Onboarding was fairly quick and easy, I only had to connect our ATS and sync our roles, provide some images to show our office and teams, and save some searches so I can get alerts when new candidates became available. Afterwards, I could select salary ranges and specific technologies and start contacting candidates who were suitable!

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