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Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

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Babylon is home to the largest collection of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers. Our team has been recruited from over 60 different countries and is working on making healthcare delivery affordable and accessible. By combining the ever-growing power of AI with the best medical expertise of humans, Babylon can deliver unparalleled access to healthcare, including personalised health assessments, treatment advice and face-to-face appointments with a doctor 24/7.

In 2017 and 2018 we ticked a lot of boxes at Babylon. We:

  • Released an advanced AI information platform
  • Set up the Babylon user graph, giving us one of the most advanced data capabilities in healthcare
  • Created one of the largest medical knowledge bases in the world, incorporating over 500m data concepts
  • Built a leading natural language understanding in medicine, now becoming multilingual
  • Built first-class healthcare applications that integrate with the NHS and other health services, as well as commercial partners
  • Extended our UK platform to support our Rwanda deployment

In 2019, we are imagining and developing new combinations of AI and healthcare. To do this, we need brilliant, forward thinking people to help us reach new heights in these fields. It won't be easy or obvious (these are hard problems we're solving) but it will be exciting, challenging, stimulating and truly rewarding. And of course, you won't be doing it alone: you'll have the support and knowledge of over 200 leading experts in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile and back end software development, medicine, epidemiology and more. Benefits:

  • Stock Options+ Training & Development+ Health Insurance (for you and your family)
  • Free employee therapy for mental health #EndTheStigma
  • Life Insurance (4x annual salary)+ 25 days annual holiday
  • Free food+ Free Babylon subscription for your whole family+ Pension scheme - matched up to 5%+ Fantastic maternity leave+ Paternity leave + Adoption leave
  • Cycle to work scheme+ Games nights+ Movie nights + Table tennis & video game nights+ Cross training + Free gym and yoga in the office!

Hiring Team

  • Mohammad Khodadadi
  • Yi Cheng
    Tech lead for Integration team
  • Nils Hammerla
    ML & NLP Lead
  • Jez Stephens
    Technical Lead
  • Shefali Davda
    Engineering Recruiter
  • Leigh Penfold
    Technical Recruiter
  • Sverre Sundsdal
    Head of AI Software
  • Thomas Ford
    Director of Engineering
  • Will Poynter
    Team Lead
  • Maxim Leefe
    Talent Sourcer
  • Tom Goldberg
    Lead Recruiter
  • Jetendr Shamdasani
    Knowledge Engineer - Lead
  • Jonathan Moore
    Engineering Team Lead
  • Sheldon Hall
    Analytical Software Engineer
  • Elliott
    Talent Acquisition Lead, Mobile
  • William Duddell
    Talent Acquisition Lead - Infrastructure & Cyber Security
  • Cavelle Cheetham
    Talent Acquisition
  • Edel Russell
    Talent Acquisition
  • Daniel Franco
    Talent Acquisition
  • carlo zambon
    Talent acquisition
  • Billy gavin
    senior Talent Aqcuisition Specialist
  • Chloe (Snap)
    Account Manager
  • Bamdad Dashtban
    Head of Data Platform