Senior iOS Developer

  • iOS Engineer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

Reporting Line: Engineering Manager

Impact: You will mentor developers, simplify the architecture, enable fast changes and data driven experimentation. You will also roll up your sleeves, lift up those around you, to build a state of the art iOS application for all our customers. If we succeed as a team, our customers have a better chance at succeeding in their business endeavors.

You are coming on board during a transition from a largely outsourced development to a small team of permanent developers.

What’s in it for you?

We are committed to continuous learning, mentoring and coaching, giving people the room to fail and to grow. We are still a small team where everyone counts, and you own what you build. If you think we should do things better, you will lead the way. We are one of the first speedboats of Santander, blazing the trail for innovation. Our training budget goes to online courses, conferences, books or other means of learning.

Your team is a cross functional squads that builds everything from receipt capture and credit risk decision engines to invoice generation and loan servicing. We use machine learning in some of our tools and take pride in our tenacity and ability to deliver in a complex and regulated environment. Our current mission is to complete our lending services and integrate a recent acquisition.

A day in your life …

You build iOS apps to simplify your life, or just because you can. You base your decisions on the domain model and requirements on data consistency. You embrace test driven development, pair programming and prototyping. You speak UML, Switft, Objective C and have experience with Viper, MVVM, and other frameworks. You mentor other developers and take the lead, but you can also follow others.

Maybe you build your own backends and A/B test your life strategies. You are familiar with OWASP and secure your apps, benchmark them as a matter of course, and give talks at meetups or through other channels.

How we work

We believe that quality comes from mastery and simplicity, that doing things as well as we can, is its own reward. Leadership is a behavior, not a job title. We use a blend of scrum and XP, but still have a way to go. Work life balance is important to everyone, from the CEO on down, so we typically get our work done during the day. We are moving to a model where each squad owns the full vertical from frontend to DevOps, supported by a lean and mean platform team.

Highlights from our environment

GoCardless, Experian, Equifax, Open Banking, Tableau, Contentful, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, Mambu

Codacity, Codecov, git, CircleCI, Clair, Testflight, maven, AppsFlyer, Mandrill, Jest, PACT

Swift, Java / Spring, Node / Koa, GoLang, Mongo, Postgres, Logstash

AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, DataDog, Kafka, Terraform

Codecov, git, CircleCI, Clair, Testflight, maven, AppsFlyer, Mandrill, Jest, PACT

Swift, Java / Spring, Node / Koa, GoLang, Mambu, Mongo, Postgres, Logstash

AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, DataDog, Kafka, WSO2, Terraform

Internal Brief

Role: fill one of the senior developer roles, become a trusted tech leader, driving our architecture, standards and processes.

Mission: Simplify our iOS app to increase speed and make it successful in the market..


Continuous learning, beyond a single technology stack

Continuous process improvement

Team builder & player

Must Haves

iOS with Swift and Objective C

Very strong engineering practices around

Test driven development

Knowledge management

Designing systems

Continuous integration and deployment

Event sourcing

Has built and run apps in production

Ability and desired to express designs in UML

Agile: Scrum and XP

Nice to have

Contract testing


Android & ReactNative

Financial services domain knowledge

• AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, DataDog, Kafka, WSO2, Terraform