Lead Backend Developer

  • Java Engineer
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

Reporting Line: Engineering Manager

Impact: You lead our team of backend developers to successfully delivery outcomes for our customers. You mentor, improve tech and processes and guard coherence and consistency across our entire system.

What’s in it for you?

We are committed to continuous learning, mentoring and coaching, giving people the room to fail and to grow. We are still a small team where everyone counts, and you own what you build. We are one of the first speedboats of Santander, blazing the trail for innovation. Our training budget goes to online courses, conferences, books or other means of learning.

Your team is a mix of experienced and mid-level developers. Their current mission is to find product market fit, scale our traffic and then to iterate rapidly to build new features and integrate with our partners.

A day in your life …

You know micro services inside-out, talk circuit breakers to your friends and store your todo’s in Kafka. When someone mentions test driven development, pair programming and design you shrug and say ‘tell me a more efficient way, while still having fun’. Others look to you for guidance on asynchronous programming, continuous integration and rapid prototyping.

You are fluent in multiple languages and frameworks, selecting the best tool for the job. You speak at meetups or on Twitter, and contribute to open source projects.

How we work

We believe that quality comes from mastery and simplicity, that doing things as well as we can is its own reward. Leadership is a behavior, not a job title. We use a blend of scrum and XP, but still have a way to go. Work life balance is important to everyone, from the CEO on down, so we typically get our work done during the day. We are moving to a model where each squad owns the full vertical from frontend to DevOps, supported by a lean and mean platform team.

Highlights from our environment

• GoCardless, Experian, Equifax, Open Banking, Tableau, Contentful, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, Mambu

• Codacity, Codecov, git, CircleCI, Clair, Testflight, maven, AppsFlyer, Jest, PACT

• Swift, Java / Spring, Node / Koa, GoLang, Mongo, Postgres, Logstash

• AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, DataDog, Kafka, WSO2, Terraform