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We are an integrated consulting and data company, resolving complex growth and profitability challenges looking for strong candidates for a number of technical roles.

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Arca Blanca is an integrated consulting and data company, specialising in business design and implementation. We bring together accomplished individuals from industry and consulting with experienced data-scientists and technologists to design and evolve business models that use data to drive better outcomes.

We combine a deep knowledge of how business operates with the transformative power of data-science to provide leaders with clear and actionable insight into what drives performance and growth within their business. We use these insights to evolve existing business practices and to design and implement new business models. As experts in business transformation, we know how to embed sustainable benefit to our clients, processes and platforms.

Smart design, improved decision making and a quicker more certain path to results lie at the core of what we do for our clients.

Hiring Team

  • George Cevora
    Senior Data Scientist
  • Giuseppe Saltini