AI Engineer

  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), DevOps
  • Permanent
  • London, UK

The team responsible for Arabesque’s Artificial Intelligence Engine, used for analysing the financial markets and making investment recommendations, is expanding and is looking for Engineers to join us. The AI Engine is cloud native, running on thousands of nodes, across different regions, in a cloud-provider agnostic way. We run massively distributed computational graphs using both in-house and open-source stacks. Given the expanding needs of the team the role is quite flexible, including DevOps, QA and Testing, Monitoring, Security, Databases, CI/CD pipelines, ETL. The AI team’s work is convoluted with the technologies used, therefore successful candidates will be working closely with the AI scientists building the tools facilitating the R&D activity on the AI Engine and will be expected to stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations in their field.


  • Monitoring, alerting, availability.
  • CI/CD.
  • Security (in cloud environments).
  • Distributed-execution systems.
  • Expanding and managing our ETL processes.
  • Researching and keeping up to date with the latest in technological innovations.



  • Docker/Kubernetes development/deployment.
  • Cloud-native applications.
  • Distributed systems.
  • Large cloud-based computing systems.
  • Familiarity with both SQL and NoSQL database systems (Graph databases a plus).
  • CI/CD.
  • Experience with scheduling systems (Argo, Kubeflow, Airflow).
  • Experience with multi data-centre logging and optimising network activity a plus